Net Zero

COP26 – Governments will make their National Determined Contributions NDC pledges and International Business Investors have available £60 Trillion for Climate Change Mitigation. Businesses will lead and enable the way to the Net Zero or 1.5 degree C consistent pathways. We can assist all Counties or Countries link into funding. Alset Power Company Inc. invest in a Sustainable manner – resilient Cities – Climate Action plans – Fossil Free Cities with our Waste plants & Solar Farms together with Solar PV – Circular Economy.

USA Exim Bank

USD $385 million for Nairobi plants. 85% of the funding comes from the US Exim Bank and we work with Standard Chartered Bank in London for 15% of the funding. Five Waste Gasification plants can be built, clear landfill sites and build Social Housing on the land cleared. 

We provide all funding and Technology for a Circular Economy & Net ZERO or 1.5 degree C 

PSECC Ltd & Headway USA from the USA re able to provide the cleanest technology to Kenya and full funding. No finance required from the Government or payback, No Sovereign Guarantee.

Our new trucks will enable a Sustainable Waste collection service to increase collection of waste.

Two to three weeks after the Contract has been signed by the Minister of Finance and Minister of Energy then $10 million will be released for local partners and preferred Kenyan Civil engineering companies to do initial works. The remainder of the funding then released 90 days after.

50 new trucks & 100 Gas-powered Rickshaws for each plant – 200 to 300 jobs created for each of the five plants for Nairobi.

Waste problems in Kenya – Nairobi

NEMA indicates the need for Sustainable Waste Management in Kenya. The need to change waste collection and lead to sustainable waste management 

Our plants take all the waste and use it all –  resulting in ZERO Waste – ZERO Landfill

The transition process

Sustainable Urban Living.  This video explains how the UK can shift into a Circular Economy through the adoption of our plants that has functionality in the waste sector and lead to Sustainable Urban & Rural Life – Organisational Structure with Whole Cost accounting for Ecological & Social systems, Natural Capital. Long video…..

Sustainable Urban Life

Existing Cities & new Cities to be built in Kenya in the New Economic Zone can now be designed for Sustainable Urban Life